Growing-up in a culture, and a family, that consistently confirmed that fat was bad and unlovable, I had a huge disconnect for many years.

To the young and innocent me, fat was good, because logically I loved people who were good and also were fat. As a little girl none of the fat hating around me made sense. It broke my heart.

Fat became on one level something I could never be, because it would mean I would be unlovable to others.

YET I could be lovable to myself, because to me people considered fat were most definitely lovable and good!

The unconscious question became…”can I be fat and lovable?”

I sadly concluded no, at a very young age.

My fear of being unloved overshadowed my own truth for many painful years.

Not anymore.

On my journey to becoming a Certified Body Trust® Provider I have connected with some of the most courageous, brilliant, vulnerable, authentic, and inspiring people I have ever met. The photo included with this blog featuers members of the Body Trust® community I trained with and am a part of. Learn more about all of us here. (Photo Credit: Vivienne McMaster of Be Your Own Beloved)

I found a community where it was safe to unravel my history and rewrite some of the particularly painful chapters in my own body story.

I am lovable regardless of my body size and I am able to love others regardless of their body size.

Within the Body Trust community, I was finally able to be fully open about my love of all sizes of people.

So this is about the time where people want to point out how being fat is “unhealthy”. That is an illusion. There are unhealthy, sick, and chronically ill people at every size.

The health argument is used to hide fat phobia which rampant is our culture and is born out of the deeply entrenched bias, stigma, and discrimination perpetuated against those who do not meet the narrow standards of beauty and health set forth by those who profit from these impossible standards. Weight stigma is horrifyingly alive in our culture and it is conveniently often disguised as concern.

Regardless of health status or body size, all people deserve justice, kindness, and understanding. We all have a right to say “this is my body and I am lovable.”

All bodies deserve to be seen and cared for. At Nourished Energy, all sized bodies are welcome.

Are you ready to rewrite your body story? Receive mental health care free from weight bias? Reach out to me.