Come in to your fullness

 Help for Chronic Dieting, Body Shame, Body Image Concerns, Binge Eating Disorder, Emotional & Compulsive Eating

Maybe there are feelings of failure and pain around your body that you have carried for what seems like forever…

From attempts to diet and maintain lifestyle changes, to grueling work-outs or avoiding exercise all together…

From self-help books to shattered hope…

From losing weight and gaining weight, to feeling obsessed about food or out of control with eating…

Being at war with your body and your hungers takes up precious time and energy.

If you are ready to consider doing the brave work of finally addressing these issues, I am here to help you.

Taking the first steps…

Deciding to turn toward the pain of body shame and to begin to untangle complicated relationships to food and eating is both revolutionary and challenging. Unlike what the diet industry wants you to believe, there are no quick fixes.

We live in a culture that puts immense pressure on us around the ways we eat and how our bodies look and perform. It is exhausting, damaging and everywhere. 

If you have spent years, or even decades, searching for the illusive answer to weight loss or perfect health, and ultimately self-acceptance, the invitation to explore something new can feel scary.

Often, we have to hold several choices at once to decide where our true liberation lies. I offer the space and support to do just that.

There is more to life…

Starting to realize that you just simply cannot do one more diet, cleanse or lifestyle change can feel both exciting and terrifying. Truthfully, constantly being at war with your body is exhausting. I can support you in the shift from trying to fix yourself to trusting yourself.

I have specialized training and am a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, Certified Body Trust® Provider and Health at Every Size® Advocate. I will never suggest a focus on weight loss as the answer to your suffering. 

“…to experience your own uniqueness, to feel the excitement of sensing, for the very first time, your own awareness of life. What if someone had helped you to own all of this…to own your own life?”

Judith Duerk from Circle of Stones

I founded Nourished Energy to be an inclusive, holistic practice that respects body diversity and fosters body respect. 

I have special pages dedicated to explaining my training and advocacy around these issues and to answer questions around Body Trust and Intuitive Eating. I offer a unique 9 week group program called Hungerwise™ which is a powerful group process that can kick start your healing from chronic dieting. I also specialize in treating Binge Eating Disorder which is a serious and treatable condition that can be triggered by food restrictions and negative body image.

“Jen’s approach and expertise in body image issues are a breath of fresh air in the clinical field. Clients are drawn to her warmth and inspired by her passion for her work.”
Elsa Lockman LMSW

“Jen is compassionate and energetic. She embodies the practices she teaches. I recommend her wholeheartedly.”
Barbara Forgue MA LPC Center For Human Potential


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