Meet Jennifer DiGennaro

“Jen is authentic, deeply caring and deeply gifted. I am happy to refer my patients to her because I know there will be help. Jen’s kindness is transparent in all that she does.”

-Linda Squires, DC

I have been told I am

warm, open, caring and insightful. People also experience me as curious and kind, while also enthusiastic and engaging. I am known to be a champion and a catalyst for powerful change.

I originally founded Nourished Energy to help people step out of diet culture and into their bodies…

Then I quickly realized the often-common link between unresolved past hurts to current issues and symptoms…

From working with people experiencing devastating depressions and overwhelming anxieties…to body disconnection and binge eating…to troubled relationships, I could see the depth of the hurt. And as powerful as talk therapy is, there is more. I began to take trainings that brought the body, heart and spirit into the therapeutic relationship.

I welcome all people and am honored to work with the LGBTQIA+ community and people at the higher end of the weight spectrum. I move through the world in a smaller, white, cisgender body and work to dismantle my privilege daily. I am willing to learn from any mistakes and go on this journey with you if you will have me.

Beginning Therapy…

is an uncertain journey, thank you for considering working with me. I can’t make promises to outcomes, yet I can promise to support and encourage you using my:

  • knowledge
  • skills
  • experience
  • passion
  • deep belief in the power of the therapeutic process

The work of therapy is sacred and though we may laugh together at times, I take the work seriously.

I go the distance with those I work with.

“Having supervised Jen, I can say with confidence that she practices from the heart. She engages her clients in the depths and complexity of their humanity with insightful care and palpable compassion. I trust Jen to be able to meet her clients where they are and help them experience healing.”
Bryan Nixon, MA, LPC Founder & Psychotherapist at Mindful Counseling GR



Bachelor of Science Degree in Behavioral Science 

Master of Arts Degree in Professional Counseling

License & Certifications:

Training Highlights:


Board Member:

Michigan Eating Disorders Alliance: advocating for eating disorder prevention and awareness.

Former Volunteer:

Women’s Resource Center: mentoring and supporting women in career transition.

I can help you release painful memories, let go of limiting beliefs and accept yourself, in hopes of creating more freedom and peace in your life and relationships.

Individual Psychotherapy

Couples & Marriage Counseling

 Process Groups

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Jennifer DiGennaro MA LPC                            1324 Lake Drive Suite 8                                          Grand Rapids, Michigan 49506

Tel: 616.446.6728

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