I had the great honor of being a guest on the popular podcast Practice of the Practice where I got to talk about my journey to becoming a psychotherapist and how Nourished Energy began. It is about 20 minutes long. It is more about the business side of being a private practice owner, though I do get in some good nuggets in about intuitive eating! It also can give you a feel for some of my personality, my voice and my energy. Being a private practice owner is therapeutic; I am an empowered, female business owner and carry that empowerment into my sessions.

Take a listen here (click on image):


Jennifer DiGennaro MA, LLPC, is a psychotherapist and couples counselor in private practice in Grand Rapids, MI. She is a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, Certified Body Trust® Provider and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, as well as the founder of Nourished Energy. She specializes in treating chronic dieting, binge eating disorder, body image concerns, trauma, PTSD, mood disorders and relationship issues. She brings a deep passion for social justice to her trauma-informed, evidence-based and heart-centered clinical work. She is committed to ending the war that is waged against bodies in our culture. Learn more at: www.nourishedenergy.com/meet-jen/