Emotional eating is a hot topic.

I do not really care for the phrase, it has been overused and no one really knows what it means.

People have emotions and people eat, naturally these two things intersect and they should!

When people use eating behaviors to manage their emotions to the point where disordered eating starts to emerge, that is when the intersection between emotions and eating needs a closer look.

Emotions are wonderful things that make us human, move us into motion and make life worth living.

Emotions can also be difficult and challenging when we have not learned how to:

  • manage them
  • be with them
  • feel them fully

I have the great honor as a psychotherapist, to create psychotherapeutic relationships with those I work with to foster a container to feel emotions and explore them fully. Often when we can do this work together of slowing down, exploring and feeling emotions, painful eating behaviors, with time and patience, begin to dissolve. 

I have created the infographic below to give you closer look at how emotions and eating can intersect in a way that might be keeping you stuck in a disordered eating cycle. Preview the graphic below and then download to the PDF file to view more closely, save and/or print. 

Jennifer DiGennaro MA, LLPC, is a psychotherapist and couples counselor in private practice in Grand Rapids, MI. She is a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, Certified Body Trust® Provider and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, as well as the founder of Nourished Energy. She specializes in treating chronic dieting, binge eating disorder, body image concerns, trauma, PTSD, mood disorders and relationship issues. She brings a deep passion for social justice to her trauma-informed, evidence-based and heart-centered clinical work. She is committed to ending the war that is waged against bodies in our culture. Learn more at: www.nourishedenergy.com/meet-jen/