Eat what you want: I won’t tell you what to eat.

Why not?


I believe you are capable, wise, and competent.

For the vast majority of people struggling with their eating patterns or body weight, it is their body STORY and their RELATIONSHIP to their body, to food, and to eating, that needs attention.

What seems like it is about food, is rarely actually about food.

Food is what we often want to focus on because:
1) it feels more “control-able”
2) most people are fat phobic so there is great fear in dropping the food focus

Fully, completely making time and space in your life with no one else instructing you on what to eat is often a foundational step for many in the process of (re)claiming their full power in how they take in nourishment.

It is not in my scope of practice to tell you what to eat.

I am concerned at the amount of people who give nutritional advice while:
1) not practicing trauma-informed care
2) not using evidence-based recommendations
3) not possessing awareness of the signs of eating disorders
4) not addressing their own internalized fat phobia and weight bias

You get to decide if you want, or need, support around actual food choices and nutrition.

As you begin to heal your relationship to food and eating, and more deeply foster trust in yourself including your body, you will be able to wisely discern where to seek additional support if you chose. I am happy to share a variety of trusted referral sources as well and for those with eating disorders working with a qualified therapist and an eating disorder trained registered dietitian is recommended.

What would it be like to put down the focus on food? What does that bring up for you?

This is deep, tender work. I get it. You are worth the work and I am here to support you.